Corporate clients on an international scale

dMTV - de Masi Taddei Vasoli assists Italian and international corporate clients of virtually any industry and size, business associations, banks, public institutions in Italy, Vietnam, China, Gulf Co-operation Council Member States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia and Singapore with our own team, as well as in Austria, Belgium, England & Wales, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and the State of New York, also through Negri-Clementi and thanks to our law firms’ alliance “Unilaw”.

Lawyers-clients relationships must be based on mutual trust. Each of our professionals thus strives to gain and maintain our clients’ trust through abiding by the highest ethical and professional standards and always working in our clients’ interests. We expect our clients to always abide by the law, provide us with complete information that we shall treat with maximum confidence, accept our advice not as a final decision taken in their lieu, but rather as the best possible concrete answer we are able to render to their challenging questions and appreciate that our fees reflect our value added as a contribution to their business or to the protection of their rights.


Our lawyers’ goal with this respect is that our fees represent a sound investment vis-à-vis other alternatives or even the absolute absence of legal assistance, attaching the correct remuneration to professional services that demand peculiar expertise and responsibilities. For this reason we do not normally accept so-called “success-fees”. We always agree our fees in advance and we are open to any of the three typical ways lawyers are paid, i.e. official lawyers’ fees, hourly fees and lump-sum on a goals’ base (which is corporate clients’ understandably favoured choice), or a mix of these.

Practical, flexible, cost-effective, international, accountable

dMTV’s relatively small structure and its close co-operation with Negri-Clementi allows us to be flexible, cost-effective and directly accountable towards our clients, while our tested network of non-exclusive relationships forged with other distinguished independent law firms and other professionals in Italy and internationally allows us to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive local legal, business and cultural knowledge, also for major operations. The firm’s partners are always involved directly in all cases, including those that employ external professionals.

Our professional “best friendships” also provide an opportunity for our lawyers to be seconded outside dMTV and thus have access to a valuable direct practical experience in different fields and jurisdictions.


Unilaw is a European law firms’ association, based in Garigny, France, that gathers law firms with the same values and vision from the major European jurisdictions, thus guaranteeing the same service for clients on a pan-European basis, as well as common training sessions for its members. Mrs Patricia de Masi Taddei, founder of dMTV, was amongst the founding partners of such alliance in 1991. Mr Federico Vasoli was a member of Unilaw’s executive committee in 2009-2011 and chairman in 2011-2013.

Areas of practice

dMTV aims at providing real value-added top-quality solutions to its clients’ legal and entrepreneurial challenges in the following practice areas:

  1. International and domestic contracts;

  2. Company and commercial (incorporation, company structures, shareholders’ agreements, mergers and acquisitions, split-ups, business transfers);

  3. Start-ups;

  4. Bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring;

  5. Automotive;

  6. Food safety and consumer products;

  7. Energy;

  8. Pharmaceutical;

  9. Antitrust and competition;

  10. Insurance;

  11. Debt collection;

  12. Intellectual property rights;

  13. Labour;

  14. Tax;

  15. Dispute resolution.

A note on how we work on international start-ups

Wherever dMTV’s clients wish to commence a new venture, once we accept their mandate, we can provide the above-mentioned legal services, as well as a practical knowledge of the local culture opportunities and introduction to the business community. Our start-up work is thus divided into four independent, though consequential phases:

  1. 1.Examination of the case and of the most opportune cultural and business strategies and legal solutions, including an in-depth study of that specific jurisdiction and relevant domestic and international norms;

  2. 2.Direct mission in that market with a full agenda of meetings to investigate partners’ reliability and business opportunities;

  3. 3.Finalisation of the project, usually with the incorporation of a new company in the local jurisdiction;

  4. 4.Continuous assistance in favour of both the local and the parent company.

Naturally we can intervene at any stage and several times are we entrusted only on the latest one, although we preferably follow our clients from the very beginning.



Paolo Emilio Taddei’s law degree, 1908