dMTV - de Masi Taddei Vasoli is an independent boutique Italian law firm with a distinctive expertise on corporate international law, particularly in jurisdictions in Western Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, and a team of truly international lawyers from diverse cultures and jurisdictions.

dMTV - de Masi Taddei Vasoli inherits a three-century old family legacy in the legal profession and works on company, commercial and private law transactional as well as litigation cases on areas of practice whose ultimate goal is to help clients do sound business on a global scale: International and domestic contracts; Company and commercial (incorporation, company structures, shareholders’ agreements, mergers and acquisitions, split-ups, business transfers); Bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring; Automotive; Food safety and consumer products; Energy; Pharmaceutical; Antitrust and competition; Insurance; Debt collection; Intellectual property rights; Labour; Tax; Dispute resolution, in Italy, Vietnam, China, Gulf Co-operation Council Member States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia and Singapore with our own team, as well as in Austria, Belgium, England & Wales, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and the State of New York,  thanks to our law firms’ alliances, including “Unilaw” ( dMTV - de Masi Taddei Vasoli has offices in Milan, Italy, and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, with lawyers from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds, qualified in Italy, Vietnam, China, England & Wales and Malaysia. Our well-tested external network of specialists on practice areas that we do not deal with internally, including accounting, auditing, labour law, tax law and trademark development consulting, is one of dMTV’s strengths that makes it possible for us to serve also large clients on complex cases with a flexible and cost-effective structure.

Since 2012, dMTV has forged an alliance with Negri-Clementi (, one of the most prestigious Italian law firms, serving top-tier clients from its offices in Milan, Verona, Vicenza and Ulaanbaatar, of which, in consideration of their achievements in South East Asia, Mrs Patricia de Masi Taddei and Mr Federico Vasoli are of counsels.

Our objective is not to be a large firm in terms of number of lawyers or offices worldwide, but rather to offer at our best our services, like actual partners for our clients’ challenging goals, sharing with them a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, aimed at contributing to their success and their defence, reducing their risks and maximising their profits.

Our clients are both SMEs and big corporations, including non-Italian companies that operate in Italy or in the other jurisdictions where we serve with our internal or external resources.

We are the only Italian law firm and one of the few international ones with its own branch-office in Vietnam, a Country whose business community and institutions we are acquainted with, to the extent that we helped organise President Nguyễn Minh Triết’s State visit to Italy in December 2009. In the GCC we work alongside a Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates’ Royal Families and his group of companies.




Alessandro Taddei’s notary certificate, 1753